Together Films Workshop

Where: Media Factory – ME210
When: Tuesday 13th November – 2pm

You have – or one of your students has – made a short film. Well done! Now what?

James Mullighan, Development Director at Together Films, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival Board member, and ex-chief of Shooting People and the Cork and Edinburgh International Film festivals, talks to your film, media, journalism and fine art students about what to do with a film in this age of multi-platforms and web 3.0: Festivals? Online? Marketing? Sales? Distribution? Monetisation? Dramas, comedies, documentaries and animations are covered.

The session covers every step in the process of getting a film out to an audience and the people who might fund future work. Exploring the short film landscape in the UK, Europe and abroad, and utilising case studies, the topics covered include:

• maximising a film’s festival life;
• which are the best short film festivals in the UK, and abroad, and why;
• short film sales – TV, DVD, online and others;
• building a marketing campaign for your film and future projects;
• maximising the potency of social media;
• crowd-funding properties, and crowdsourcing;
• networking both on- and offline, and building a project’s brand;
• judging whether, when and where to put a film online;
• pondering where short film exhibition is headed in this digital age; and
• revenue generating opportunities for filmmakers.

James Mullighan is an arts events director, producer, consultant, and commentator.

James is Development Director at the film and data company, Together Films. He was the Creative Director of the Cork Film Festival (2013-2016; Ireland’s oldest, and Academy Award qualifying), and serves on the board of Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival. In 2011 he directed the 65th Edinburgh International Film Festival. Prior to that, James was Creative Director of Shooting People (the world’s largest online network of independent filmmakers) and Producer of RESFEST’s UK, Irish and Australian tours. James is also an arts journalist (Rolling Stone, GQ, Scotsman, The Age) and former music industry executive (Sony Classical and Columbia, Australia). He regularly consults on the marketing and distribution for short and feature-length films.

In 2017, James was commissioned by Tyneside Cinema Newcastle’s Learning and Participation department to author a guide on this landscape – Exposure.

James has served on the juries for Soho Rushes, the Depict! Awards, the London Short Film Festival, Virgin Media Shorts, Friends of the Earth’s Green Film Competition, the Valetta International Film Festival, and the Vimeo Festival and Awards 2012. James is a Trustee of Dramatic Need.