Graduate Film Screening: The Borer

Where: Media Factory – ME239
When: Thursday 15th November – 1pm

Synopsis: The Borer focuses on Richard, a maintenance technician for a Research Facility. Low-achieving with a life of mediocrity, Richard struggles to feel true happiness. That is until the arrival of the Borer, an otherworldly organism that lives in the brains of humans. The Borer forms a symbiosis with Richard, with assurances that his life will improve and flourish with the Borer guiding him. As time goes on, Richard begins to question the relationship, and begins to wonder whether he is in control or being controlled-is the Borer a friend or foe? 

The Borer is a dark, psychological horror that asks the inevitable existential question-do we live, or do we serve?

Followed by a Q&A with Director Dominic Hodge (MA Scriptwriting Graduate)

About Dominic: Dominic Hodge is a director and writer. Starting his Director in his adolescence, Dominic has adopted strong visual influences from who he considers to be masters of the craft. Dominic has written and directed four films and continues to do so independently.

About Ryan: Ryan Jones is an editor, who also acted as cinematographer and co-producer on The Borer. Working on the auteur film with co-producer and director Dom Hodge allowed him to truly work on something visionary and unique whilst at university. Ryan is now working as a runner and social media editor for the Tonight programme on ITV.

The Borer Title Card