“Singing of Formosan Aborigines: In Praise of Heaven and Earth! The Beauty of Ceremonies” The National Student Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Poster Design Exhibition

Where: Hanover Building Gallery

The various cultures of Taiwan’s indigenous peoples are vitally important and the passing down of this heritage through generations is a challenge that indigenous peoples across the world have faced. Observing the limitations that Taiwanese students have in their understanding of indigenous peoples, the Shung Ye Museum of Formosan Aborigines in Taipei has hosted poster design competitions since 2006 in order to address this.

Participation is limited to high school and college students. This is the sixth competition to be held and for only the second time the exhibition will make a journey outside of Taiwan when it visits UCLan for The Great Northern Creative Festival. The exhibition is held in the Hanover Gallery daily from 13th to 18th November and will have a ‘meet-the-curator’ talk for visiting schools on each of the days.

Book Launch & Opening Reception – Monday 13th November 2017
Where: Hanover Building Gallery
Time: 5pm-8pm

The exhibition opening will include a related book launch and will be presented by the curator, Dr Niki Alsford.

Guest Lecture & Event Closing – Friday 17th November 2017
Where: Media Factory – The Media Innovation Centre
Time: 5pm-7pm

The exhibition will close on Friday 17th November with a talk from two guest speakers who will discuss issues relating to the indigenous peoples. With Guest Speakers Doug McNaught (SOAS) u baluhayay a uzip: The revitalisation of Indigenous culture in Taiwan and Siku Sawmah (Taiwan) Designing Indigenous culture.




Exhibition Curator: Dr Niki J.P. Alsford, Reader in Asia Pacific Studies (Uclan)