Screening of SOLO (2017) with a Q&A with Screenwriter/Producer Jonathan Hall

Where: Media Factory – Room 210

Time: 11am-2pm

SOLO! is a low budget, but wildly ambitious, joyful feature, in English, with lots of original music, filmed in a delightful and remote Spanish mountain village in 2016. The final two days were shot in London in October 2016. It is the first feature by award-winning director Nic Cornwall, but not for his DoP, the highly experienced Alex Metcalfe. Our Musical Director is the prodigious talent Joe Rose. It is written and produced by multi-award-winning Jonathan Hall.

The project also enjoyed the enthusiastic support of the local brass band (sixty strong!); a local folk group; a flamenco troupe; the Mayor of the village; plus lots of passion and energy and interest from the villagers, over three hundred of whom appear as extras and supporting actors. SOLO! is an upbeat, PG, romantic comedy musical.

If you liked LA LA LAND, you’ll LOVE SOLO!