Project 190 with Risa Jaroslow

Where: Media Factory – ME020
When: Monday 12th November – 11am

International choreographer Risa Jaroslow has created a performance to celebrate UCLan’s 190th anniversary.  The creation process and the performance of this work included students from the BA Hons Dance Performance and Teaching degree, as well as UCLan staff and local community members.  Risa will share her practice and process for bringing trained and non-trained dancers together to create and perform. 

“My dance-making process begins with questions.  In the studio, the dancers explore the questions through movement, take the answers and stretch them, turn them into daring partnering, whirl them through space and arrange them in patterns across many bodies.  I include both the incredible virtuosity of highly trained dancers and the unique and deeply human contributions of non-trained movers in my work. By combining them, I aim to create a rich, complex picture that is resonant with all kinds of audiences.”
                      – Risa Jaroslow