British premiere of Golan: A Farewell to Mr Cinema and Q&A with director Christopher Sykes

Where: Media Factory – Room 210

Time: 2:30pm-5pm

Booking Necessary, get your ticket HERE

Your FIRST and ONLY chance to see Golan: A Farewell to Mr Cinema on the big screen in the UK. Join us for this one off screening with director Christopher Sykes in attendance.


About Christopher Sykes:

Christopher Sykes has made a number of films with and about the American physicist Richard Feynman, including ‘The Pleasure of Finding Things Out’ (1982), ‘Fun to Imagine’ (1983) and ‘The Quest for Tannu Tuva’ (1988). He filmed a memorable encounter with Bob Dylan for the BBC Omnibus documentary ‘Getting to Dylan’ (1987) and made a documentary trilogy about the one-time Hollywood mogul and head of The Cannon Group Inc, Menahem Golan (1985, 1998 & 2015). He is also the creator of the BBC documentary series Seven Wonders of the World (1995), its sequel Seven Wonders of the World II (1997) and Web of Stories.

Synopsis for Golan: A Farewell to Mr Cinema:

The final chapter in the extraordinary life and career of Menahem Golan, Palestinian-born movie director, producer, mogul and ‘madman.’ Now in his eighties and living in Jaffa, Golan looks back to his great days in Hollywood, forwards to a new blockbuster – and dreams of the Oscar™ he has always wanted.